Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Post

I have been kicking the idea around of starting an urban issues blog focus on planning and design. Every so often I'll come across a topic that I wish to discuss and kick around the points. My wife usually glasses over when I start on these topics, so this will give me an outlet to save her sanity.

Comments are welcomed, but I ask we keep them civil. Disagreements are encouraged, but personal attacks are not. Editorially speaking, I feel this country has taken a step backwards because anyone who disagrees with me must be an idiot (generically speaking). I am of the opinion that any attempts to be made at societal betterment has to come from an understanding of the other side, but more importantly, a middle ground is available and attainable. It has been personally a hard lesson, but one I have made within the last couple of years. It can be done.

If the blog mirrors Car Free in Big D, Goodspeed Update or The Overhead Wire, that's because I have been reading them for a while now. Content will include editorials, news and features like book reviews or maps, similar to those mentioned above.

About me: I am a recent graduate at U Tex-Arlington's School of Urban and Public Affairs. I am job searching, but slightly picky about where I go, primarily, a job where a car is not a necessity, but others too. I have the one wife and six-month old son. I live in downtown Dallas and mostly enjoy life.

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