Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blog Numbers

I tend to look at my stats a lot, but just generally page views. I have seen a tendency of increased page views since I started, from a dozen a month to literally hundreds now. Thank you.
However, when I looked deeper and saw where they were coming from, I was blown away. I hope you all think it is neat too.

Obviously, the U.S. is the most viewed country. Out of the top ten, the U.S. is 72.6 percent of my readers. The rest is just amazing to me. Russia is number two at 7.8, Germany number three at 4.9, the Netherlands are four at 4.5 and at fifth sits Iran, yes Iran, at 3.7. The United Kingdom is six, followed by France, Ukraine, Canada and Brazil.

By continent, North America originates 73.3 percent of my readers. Europe is 14.5, Asia is 11.5 and South America is .5. All I need is Australia and Africa and I am set (Antarctica may be too hard an apple to peel).

Other countries that have viewed my blog are Ireland, Indonesia, Latvia, Sweden, China and Cyprus. There may be more, but Blogger doesn't keep track beyond top ten and the last full month.

Thank you to you all.

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Courtney said...

Very cool! I'd love to hear from some of these Russian readers. Is city planning big over there?